• Call for Paper Maret 2020


    Call for paperĀ  Jurnal Ilmiah Kebidanan Indonesia

    Mengundang para dosen dan peneliti untuk mengirim artikel terbaiknya pada jurnal
    Jurnal Ilmiah Kebidanan Indonesia Hasil penelitian Dunia maternity .

    Pengiriman naskah maksimal bulan 25 Feb 2020

    We proudly present the latest of the our journal of midwifery
    ISSN : 2252-4010 (print)
    ISSN : 2354-8169 (online)
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    Menuju Akreditasi SINTA

    We invite you to publish your work in our journal. The paper is original (no plagiarism), and has never been published. It is written at least 11 pages using Font Times New Roman and with spacing 1, on A4 paper size. Please use the template.

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