Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi Indonesia (JIFIN) Universitas Indonesia Maju (UIMA), accept related writings : Pharmacy science; Hospital and Community Pharmacy Practice; Pharmaceutical Marketing and Manajemen; Pharmaceutical industry and technology (including : formulation and development product, biological and pharmacology effect of pharmaceutical product(medicine, cosmetics and nutraceutical) Pharmacology and clinical Pharmacy research; Biomedical research (including: cellular and molecular physiology, structural biology, genomics, cancer research, experimental medicine, vaccine development, clinical biomanufacturing, and tropical medicine) Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Chemical Science (including:methods of synthesis; results of pharmacological, toxicological, and biochemical studies; investigation of structure - activity relationships in prediction of new compounds; methods and technical facilities used) Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine (including : Traditional medicine, ethnobotany, Herbal therapeutics, phytomedicine and herbal preparations, Biological and pharmacological effects of plant extracts, isolation of active compounds)


Vol 1 No 02 (2023): JIFIN: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi Indonesia

JIFIN: Jurnal Ilmiah Farmasi Indonesia vol 01 no 02 Desember 2023


Published: 2024-01-10

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