Pengembangan telenursing N-SMSI (Ners - Short Message Service Intervention) dalam perawatan pasien TB (Tuberkulosis) post rawat di Rumah Sakit

  • Renditya Anggana Universitas Indonesia
  • Filia Sofiani Ikasari Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: MDR-TB, N-SMSI, telenursing, tuberculosis


Introductions: Tuberculosis (TB) is still a deadly infectious infectious disease in the community. Outpatient TB patients are most likely to experience drug withdrawal that can lead to Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Ners-Short Message Service Intervention (N-SMSI) is one of the information systems that can be developed to prevent the occurrence of MDR-TB.

Objectives: The writing of this article is to describe and analyze the development of N-SMSI telenursing as an information system for monitoring TB patient care that can help TB patients achieve recovery in an effective and efficient way.

Metodes: The writing of this article is a literature study using various literature related to the application of N-SMSI especially in the prevention of MDR-TB.

Results: The results show that N-SMSI can be utilized in monitoring patient compliance with OAT consumption. In addition, it can be a recommendation for the application of N-SMSI in outpatient TB patients, making it easier for monitoring activities by health workers in the prevention of MDR-TB.

Conclutions: TB is one of the diseases that needs extra supervision in carrying out its medical therapy. This can be done with N-SMSI which is one of the telenursing that can be utilized even though the research is still in cases of pulmonary TB, it does not rule out the possibility of other TB cases or even cases of other diseases.