Penyuluhan Dalam Upaya Keselamatan Kerja Minyak Klentik Di Cibogor, Bogor Tengah

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Keywords: k3, climatic oil, conseling


Occupational safety and health should be a concern for both government and business for a long time. Occupational safety and health (K3) is a very important factor to pay attention to because someone who gets sick or has an accident at work will have an impact on themselves, their families and their environment. In the work environment, occupational health efforts in the occult oil industry located in RW 6, Cibogor sub-district are in an open place and the place to work does not join the home of the business owner. For this reason, there is a lack of controlling activities and informing the importance of implementing occupational safety and health while working in this occult oil industry and knowing how to use personal protective equipment in occupational health efforts. By holding counseling on January 17, 2022 in order to make workers self-reliant. As a result of this activity, workers become aware of the importance of occupational safety and health. Business owners are also motivated to procure APD in their work environment. Owners and workers alike apply occupational safety and health in the work environment.