Edukasi Manajemen Resiko Jatuh Pada Pasien Dan Keluarga Dengan Media Poster Dan Leaflet Di Rumah Sakit

  • Yahya Syukria
  • Nelly Febriani Universitas pembangunan Nasional Veteran Jakarta
Keywords: education, fall risk, family


The risk of falling is a preventable event that will have a physical impact such as bruising, fracture, and even bleeding, but it can also be detrimental because it increases the cost of treatment. The incidence of patients falling as much as 5.15% in Indonesia is the cause of the incidence of cases of unexpected events and near-injury events. The patient's family needs good knowledge to play a role in preventing the patient from falling. So far, education through posters and leaflets has never been done in this room. The survey on the level of family knowledge about fall risk management through a questionnaire found that from 10 families of patients, there were 1 (10%) people with less knowledge and 5 (50%) people with sufficient knowledge. The purpose of this activity is to see the effectiveness of the application of epidence-based nursing in educating patients and families about fall risk management through posters and leaflets and as an alternative to increase family knowledge in preventing fall risk. The intervention was given to the patient and family, then compared the level of knowledge before and after the intervention. The findings showed an increase in the knowledge of the patient's family to 1 (10%) people with sufficient knowledge and 9 (90%) people with good knowledge. Patient and family education interventions are proven to be effective in increasing knowledge. It is hoped that the hospital management can increase the knowledge of the patient's family and room facilities to optimize fall risk management education by applying an evidence base that has been proven to increase the knowledge of the patient's family.