Peningkatan Kebugaran Perawat Kota Padang Masa Pendemi Covid-19 Melalui Kegiatan Yoga

  • Rika Novariza
  • Dwi Happy Anggia Sari
  • Debby Sinthania
  • Elsa Yuniarti Universitas Negeri Padang
  • Sari Ramadhani
Keywords: covid-19, fitness, nurse, yoga


The incidence of Covid-19 cases continues to increase from day to day so that health workers, especially nurses as the front line, are getting extra work, this causes increased pressure and demands in the workload so that it is feared that the health and fitness of the nurses will decrease. The purpose of this community service is to improve the fitness of nurses during this pandemic. This service is carried out once a week for 8 meetings, followed by 15 participants representing nurses at the Padang City Covid-19 referral hospital. Through yoga, participants can improve their physical fitness and feel the benefits of yoga. Suggestions for the next activity, participants can do yoga regularly and on a scheduled basis.