Edukasi Pemanfaatan Tanaman Obat Keluarga: Jeruk Kingkit (Triphasia trifolia) sebagai Alternatif Obat Batuk

Keywords: cough, kingkit oranges, socialization, workshop


Family medicinal plants (TOGA) are plants grow in home garden and can be used to improve the quality of health, prevention and alternative treatment. Cough is a body defense by the lungs against physiological reflexes to chemicals, temperature, air and mechanical trauma. Environmental conditions in the West Jakarta area such as motor vehicle fumes, smoke from , changes of weather have resulted in large frequency coughing. Kingkit citrus plants growned in West Jakarta, which can be an alternative cough medicine because they contain essential oils, linalool and limonene. The purpose of the  activity educated the public about the use of the jaruk kingkit plant as alternative cough medicine and educated how to present/make cough medicine from kingkit oranges. The service method used is survey and identification of TOGA, preparation, counseling and workshops of kingkit oranges and demonstration of its processing. This activity lasted for 3 days (Friday-Sunday 17-20 September 2021 at Taman Sehati Al-Fadillah, Central Jakarta. This activity involved 24 students from the ISTA Jakarta. The activity went well and a lot parties involved and supportive, both from the ISTA Jakarta mayor's ethnic group, the Jakarta office tribe. The community and village officials are  enthusiastic about participating in this activity. The conclusion from this activity is that  community can use the surrounding plants for alternative health and use Kingkit Orange for alternative medicine cough