Efektivitas Penyuluhan Kesehatan Cermat Pilih Makanan, Remaja Sehat Bebas Obesitas Pada Siswa SMK

  • Lulu'ul Badriyah STIKIM
Keywords: obesity, adolescence, conseling


The prevalence of obesity in adolescents has increased very significantly. One of the causes of the high number of cases of obesity is that the diet changes. The purpose of community service activities is to provide education related to healthy food to adolescents/students to prevent overnutrition and obesity in adolescents. The method of activity in this community service activity is counseling with a target of 29 class XII students of SMKN 62 Jakarta. The results of the counseling showed a significant increase in student knowledge as seen from the significant difference between the prestest and postest scores. Providing education through counseling is an effective effort that can be used in nutrition and health education