Correction, Retraction & Removal

Correction, Retraction & Removal 

Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Keperawatan Indonesia (Indonesian Nursing Scientific Journal) has the same policy regarding correction and revocation. We distinguish between Erratum, Corrigendum, Retraction, Addendum, Article Removal.

Erratum (Publisher Correction): Erratum refers to the correction of errors introduced to articles by publishers. All changes that the publisher introduces are highlighted to the author at any stage of proof and any errors are ideally identified by the author and corrected by the publisher prior to final publication.

Corrigendum (Author Correction): Corrigendum refers to the change of article that the author wants to publish at any time after receipt. Authors should contact the editor of the journal, who will determine the impact of the change and decide on the appropriate course of action. Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Keperawatan Indonesia (Indonesian Nursing Scientific Journal) will only create corrigendum for articles published after approval and instruction from the editor. Author Name Change Policy: Some authors may want to change their name after publication. In such cases, the Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Keperawatan Indonesia (Indonesian Nursing Scientific Journal) will update and republish the article and resubst the updated metadata to the appropriate indexing service (please note that all updates depend on the database policy).

Retraction: Notice of incorrect results that could potentially undermine the trust of previously published publications. Despite the fact that the original publication has been retracted, it is still available to readers, and a retraction statement informing the reader of the validity of the published work is connected both ways with the original published document.

Addendum: If important results (e.g., additional affiliations, clarifying some aspects of the method/analysis, etc.) are inadvertently omitted from the original publication, the original article may be amended through an Addendum reporting these previously omitted results. The addendum will be published, with article number added, in the current issue of the journal. A hyperlink to the Addendum will also be added to the original publication, but the original paper does not need to be updated.

Article Removal: Article deletion will be issued in rare circumstances where the problem is very serious and cannot be addressed with a Revocation or Correction notice. The Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Keperawatan Indonesia (Indonesian Nursing Scientific Journal) will consider the removal of published articles from very limited circumstances such as

1) If the article contains content that may pose a serious risk if followed or acted upon.

2) If the article contains content that violates the privacy rights of the study participants.

3) If the article is defamatory or violates other legal rights.

4) If an article is subject to a court order. In the event that the article is issued from the Indonesian Nursing Scientific Journal, a notice of removal will be issued instead.